leftover mixed compound中文意思是什麼

leftover mixed compound解釋

  • leftover: n. 剩餘物〈如剩菜〉。adj. 剩餘的;未用完的;吃剩的。
  • mixed: adj 1 混成的,混合的。2 混雜的,各式各樣的。3 男女混合(成)的;各階層混合成的。4 〈英國〉男女同...
  • compound: vt 1 使混合,調合,配合;【語言學】復合,合成。2 (通過互相讓步等)解決(糾紛);用錢了結(債務等...

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  2. Abstract : the mixed salts of diethanolamine and sodium of lauramidoethylene sulfosuccinate is prepared to modify the products with the mixture of the diethanolamine and hydrogen sulfite of sodium as sulphonating agent. the transparency problem of the product is solved. the result of investigation illustrates the major physocochemical properities of the products after the modifying are basically corresponding to the one before the modifying, and the products have a strong containing salt ability, it is fit to compound the products of the high salt content

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  5. Our business includes : 1 bioactivity animal feed additives ; 2 pre - mixed compound feeds for ruminants ; 3 biologic protein feeds ; 4 by - pass products ; 5 testing series for ruminant : ketone test paper and ultrasonic instruments vet

    我們主要經營: 1生物活性飼料添加劑系列; 2反芻動物復合預混料系列; 3生物蛋白飼料系列; 4過瘤胃產品系列; 5反芻動物檢測系列。