lehr crack中文意思是什麼

lehr crack解釋

  • lehr: 玻璃鍛燒爐
  • crack: vt 1 使破裂;敲破,敲碎,砸碎(陶器等);嗑(瓜子等);【化學】裂化(石油等)。2 把(槍打得、鞭子...

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  1. Crack - control of aeolotropic hollow slabs in orthogonal in - site concreting deck floors in the construction of large - pillar - net structure of reinforced concrete

  2. Tetranychus viennensis zacher in trunk were concentrated in old crack barks and girdling cracks. tetranychus viennensis zacher in first and second limbs were concentrated in the boundary of axial shoot and stem, axial shoot and center trunk, girdling cracks, pruning wound and aerial roots et al. these tetranychus viennensis zacher were distributed mainly in the shady side of the branch

    主幹上的山楂紅蜘蛛主要集中在老翹皮下及環剝裂縫內,分佈於第1 、 2層主枝上的紅蜘蛛主要集中在主枝與主幹、主枝與中心干交界處、環剝裂縫、剪鋸口、氣生根等處,且主要分佈在枝條的背陰面(下部) 。
  3. Answer : " law of 10 " word : crack side of apical towards the left from buttock or on the right side of equalize is horizontal, make one perpendicular bisector from qia ji apogee next, will coxal cent is 4 quadrant, quadrant goes up outside its and escape an internal angle ( connect a line to big rotor from the thorn on qia hind ) it is inject area namely

    答: "十"字法:從臀裂頂點向左側或右側劃一水平線,然後從髂嵴最高點作一垂直平分線,將臀部分為四個象限,其外上象限並避開內角(從髂後上棘至大轉子連線)即為注射區。
  4. Maybe the austrians would crack.

  5. There is one catch : bayard writes in french. of course, that hardly matters as, by definition, you ' re not going to crack the spine