leonid reiman中文意思是什麼

leonid reiman解釋

  • leonid: n. (pl. Leonids, Leonides ) 【天文學】獅子座流星。
  • reiman: 雷曼

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  1. Did he really see the leonid meteor shower

  2. Most of the meteoroids of the leonid meteor stream concentrate in an elongated thin ribbon - like region. the stream orbits around the sun in an elliptical orbit with a period of about 33 years

  3. In 1979, president carter and soviet president leonid i. brezhnev signed the salt two strategic arms limitation treaty in vienna

  4. People in hong kong and other countries should be impressed by the leonid meteor shower occurred in 19th november, 2001

  5. It is really a challenge to the ballerinas in their acting skill and the tacit understanding with the principal role as albrecht. the moscow city ballet will perform the version adapted by leonid lavrovsky which ws premiered in bolshoi theatre in 1944. this retained adolphe adam s poetic ballet music and was well supported by the consummate ballet choreography, which give the production of