li-xia zhou中文意思是什麼

li-xia zhou解釋

  • li: Li = 【化學】lithium. li. = link. n. (pl. li) 〈漢語〉 (中國里程單位)里。

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  1. As a simulacrum of the country revolution, zhou li - bo ' s novel, the tempest, connotates interactive ideology elements, which indicate complicated discourse pattern in three aspects : the society, the people, and social psychology

    摘要作為鄉村革命的仿像, 《暴風驟雨》的文本深層隱含著相互作用的多種意識形態因素,使文本在社會重構、 「新人」的重塑、社會心理重組等層面呈現出復雜的話語形態。
  2. This paper draws lessons from the design experiences of domestic large scale power station which uses gis technology and combines with the 330kv gis design of the gong bo xia and li jia xia power station that are designed the northwest investigation design and research institute. this paper not only advances some common questions about gis such as selecting model and demonstrating, compiling technology standardization of the device, layout and design, test, enviromental protection and maintenance, etc, but also supplies effective solution commonly used in engineering

  3. Li xia - wei, qian fang - ping and rui lun - bao. also she learned playi guqin ( chinese zither ) under the instruction of cheng gong - liang, thus laying asolid and profound foundation in music

  4. Following last month s cover story on chung hsing new village, we offer yet another conveniently - close - by summer travel destination in this edition, thanks to zheng li - xia s introduction to the cool, tranquil forests and fauna of xitou hsitou, in nantou county

  5. Su cheng - yue, zheng guang - zhao, chen li, he rong - li and zhou dong - yue