liability of towage中文意思是什麼

liability of towage解釋

  • liability: n. 1. 責任,義務。2. 〈pl. 〉 負債,債務 (opp. assets). 3. 傾向;易於…的傾向[性質]。4. 不利條件。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • towage: n. 牽引;拖船;拖船費。

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  1. Where, by a peril insured against, the voyage is interrupted at an intermediate port or place, under such circumstances as, apart from any special stipulation in the contract of affreightment, to justify the master in landing and re - shipping the goods or other movables, or in transshipping them, and sending them on to their destination, the liability of the insurer continues notwithstanding the landing or transshipment

  2. Nevertheless, when the destruction, loss, damage or delay of a part of the checked baggage or cargo, or of an object contained therein, affects the value of other packages covered by the same baggage check or the same air waybill, the total weight of such package or packages shall also be taken into consideration in determining the limit of liability of the carrier

  3. The structure of this paper goes like this, the first chapter introduce the development of e - b / l in practice and in laws. and draw a conclution that the electrification of the b / l is a history tide. in the second chapter, on the basic of reseach the security trap in e - b / l running, 1 conclude six security elements of, e - b / l : the liability of the system, the authenticity of dealers ' identity. the integrity and secrecy of electronic data, and the validity and evidence effectiveness of electronic data. from the third chapter to the eighth, 1 reseach these elements one by one. the third chapter introduce the establishment of the e - b / l security system, and some related laws the fourth chapter introduce the certification authority of e - b / l. in the fifth chapter, 1 introduce the encrypt of electronic information and some countries ' control on use / import / export crytography. the sixth chapter introduce the concept and principle of digital signature, and reseach some related legal issues. the seventh chapter reseach the legal demand of validity, then come to a conclution that to establish a independent electronic information system is necessary. in the eighth chapter, 1 reseach some countries " regulation on the evidence effectiveness of electronic data

  4. Thus, the liability of compensation of the party confronted with the force majeure can be exempted

  5. A study on civil liability of portfolio investment funds