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  • life: n (pl lives)1 生命,性命。2 一生;壽命;【原子能】(亞原子粒子的)生命期;使用期限,耐久性。3 ...
  • skills: 技能檢視窗口
  • training: n 訓練,教練,練習;鍛煉;(馬等的)調馴;(槍炮、攝影機等的)瞄準,對準;【園藝】整枝法。 be in ...

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  1. They are provided with recreational activities and a wide range of discipline and skills training including foot drill, casualty handling, light rescue, basic mechanical and electrical engineering, canoe - building and fibreglass moulding, printing and book - binding, carpentry and interior design. they are also trained in countryside preservation, crowd control, rock climbing, orienteering and expeditions

  2. Adopting the training pattern of “ theory - practice - retheory - repractice - summary ”, the main task of the first four semesters is to learn theory at school supplemented with relevant practice ; attaching importance to learning theory in the first half of the fifth semester, laying focus on the skills training and with a practical course being finished in the latter half of the fifth semester ; strengthening the studying of specialty in the first half of the sixth and seventh semester, with students practicing as substitutes in the foreign trade institutions & enterprises at the latter half semester ; in the eighth semester, on the basis of practicing as substitutes, students should complete the graduation fieldworks and graduation papers combining with actual posts

    採用「理論? ?實踐? ?再理論? ?再實踐? ?專業崗位總結」培養模式,第一、二、三、四學期以校內理論學習為主,輔之以課程實驗實訓;第五學期的前半學期以專業理論學習為主,後半學期在校內集中進行專業操作技能訓練,並完成一門專業實踐課程的學習;第六、七學期前半學期強化專業學習,後半學期在外貿機構和企業頂崗實習;第八學期在頂崗實習的基礎上結合崗位實際完成畢業實習和畢業論文的撰寫。
  3. This also includes incorporation of a " gender approach " into the study content area ; curriculum design, with innovative and comprehensive school health education content and methods, and especially the learning of life skills ; training of teachers and other health and education sector personnel ; production and dissemination of educational materials ; and the development and delivery of health services and school feeding programmes

  4. We also spend 2. 6 billion annually on comprehensive support and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. these services include basic life skills training, home care, day and residential services, and transportation services

  5. This paper introduces the psychological care of children with cerebral palsy. life care, daily living skills training and functional training guidance