lifestyle financial planning中文意思是什麼

lifestyle financial planning解釋

  • lifestyle: 吃喝玩樂
  • financial: adj. 1. 財政(上)的,財務(上)的,金融(上)的。2. (會員)繳費的〈cf. honorary〉。adv. -ly
  • planning: n. 計劃,規劃。 an overall planning 全面規劃。

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  1. Generally speaking, the panel would assess the performance of cces and hces in a number of areas, including strategic roles and direction ; governance ; achievement of operationalclinical objectives and results ; financial planning and performance ; community relations and public affairs ; and staff management

  2. Responsible for project financial planning and analysis. provide project head and bg financial management with monthly reporting, analyzing actuals vs budget for project expenses

  3. We hope every family in china enjoys heng an standard life ' s professional financial planning service

  4. Mil, in collaboration with the chinese university of hong kong, offers diploma program in financial planning and management for its insurance advisors

  5. The financial planning and management program consists of four modules that cover financial planning, investment management, taxation and tax planning and retirement and estate planning in hong kong