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  • lift: vt 1 舉起,使升起,提起,抬起;提高;提升。2 使高尚;鼓舞。3 運送,搬運;空運 ( = airlift) 4 ...
  • machine: n 1 機(器),機械;機關,機構。2 印刷機器;縫紉機;打字機;汽車;自行車;三輪車;飛機;〈美俚〉...

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  3. Transmission supermarket lies in 82 xinhua road, hankou district, wuhan, our main products are transmission equipments in common use : line needle wheel decelerating machine, chemical mixing complete set decelerating machine, worm wheel and worm gear decelerating machine, gear decelerating machine and various fittings, electrodeless variable - speed motor, speed - adjust electrical machinery, and anti - blast electrical machinery, and there are a large number of stock, whichis operated in supermarket model. show centre lies in room b1106, xingcheng mansion, interest of which controlled by zhejiang jie brand. zhejiang jie brand wuhan show sales centre is totally responsible for the service work of before - selling, selling, and after - selling in hubei area, and its main products include : high - accuracy gear wheel decelerating machine jrtsk jrts jrtf jrtk series, jrst series aluminiumalloy muti - setting worm decelerating machine, scd series construction lift, jie brand qtz series tower crane, qbt intelligence tower jack - up cloth dual - purpose machine and so on

    傳動超市位於漢口新華路82號,主要營銷:系列擺線針輪減速機,化工攪拌全套減速機,蝸輪蝸桿減速機,輪減速機及各種配件,無極變速機,調速電機,防爆電機等通用傳動設備,且備有大量現貨,以超市模式經營展示中心位於興城大廈b1106室,為浙江傑牌控股jie傑牌產品武漢展示銷售中心,全權負責jie傑牌產品在湖北地區的售前售中售後的服務工作,主要產品有高精度輪減速機jrtr jrts jrtf jrtk系列, jrst系列鋁合金多置式蝸桿減速機scd系列施工升降機傑牌qtz系列塔式起重機, qbt智能塔式起重布料兩用機等產品。
  4. Our products are including frame type hydraulic press, " c " type hydraulic press, two - column type hydraulic press, four - column type hydraulic press, four - column hydraulic - hot press laminating machine double cab equipment, numerical control hydraulic press, glasses molding machine, cold extrusion molding machine, car inner decoration molding machine, lift table, plate vulcanizing press, vertical hydraulic waste paper packer, horizontal hydraulic semi - auto waste paper packer, horizontal hydraulic full - auto waste paper packer, etc

    主要產品有:框架式、 「 c 」式、二柱式、液壓四柱式、四柱上移式、四柱拉伸、四柱油壓熱壓層合機雙排座設備、數控油壓機、眼鏡專用成型機、冷擠壓成型機汽車內飾件成型機、升降平臺、平板硫化機、立式液壓廢紙打包機、臥式液壓全自動廢紙打包機、臥式液壓半自動廢紙打包機等。
  5. Jb series horizontal - lift half - tone pringting machine is a kind of half - automatic plane half - tone printing machine