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  • light: n 1 光,光線;光明,亮光 (opp darkness) Hang the picture in a good light 把那幅畫掛在能看清楚的...
  • aging: n. 1. 陳釀。2. 熟化。

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  1. Abed, i see a silver light

  2. Material and methods normal rats of male sd were divided into young, adult, and aging groups. preparation of samples for light microscopy : animals were anesthetized by peritoneal injection of 6 % chloral hydrate ( 0. 5ml / 100g body weight ). perfusion and fixation of animals were carried out by a common procedure : 37 normal saline 50 - 100 ml and then 4 % paraformaldehyde pbs 100 - 400ml were perfused through the left ventricle of the heart, the whole procedure was lasted for about somin. the entire brain was dissected out and dipped in the fixative solution for 12h at 4. brain pieces targeted were choosen and then passed the graded alcohols for dehydration, dipping into paraffin for embeding, and reshaping the pieces

    2 )磷酸緩沖液100400m , 30分鐘灌注完畢,取出整腦,在上述固定劑oc )內后固定12小時。切取觀察部位腦塊,然後,進行梯度酒精脫水,浸蠟,包埋,修塊,石蠟連續切片(德國leica石蠟切片機人切片厚度still , zlllll ,蛋自甘油載片撈片, 60c烤箱過夜,二甲苯脫蠟,梯度酒精置換,浸水, h六染色,梯度酒精脫水,二甲苯透明,中性樹脂封片。室溫風干后,顯微鏡觀片, olympus萬能顯微鏡照相。
  3. Test method for accelerated light aging of printing and writing paper by xenon - arc exposure apparatus

  4. They have the characteristics of strong intensity, light material, airtight, anticorrosion, aging resistance, low cost, etc

  5. Feature for good anti - impact intensity, low friction index, good wear resistance, light weight, anti - aging, anti - corrosion, self - lubricating, antistatic, electricity