light densilometer中文意思是什麼

light densilometer解釋

  • light: n 1 光,光線;光明,亮光 (opp darkness) Hang the picture in a good light 把那幅畫掛在能看清楚的...

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  1. Week of abjuration : kill level of all light magic ell increased to maximum during attles

  2. Week of abjuration : skill level of all light magic spells increased to maximum during battles

  3. Alleviate the method of pressure : after coming home first loud growl should abreact the complaint in the heart 5 minutes come out ; sit on sofa to hear light music 15 minutes silently again, after passing, you can feel heart li shu is taken much

  4. The absorption isn't very strong so that this is no accentuated reflection of red light at the surface.

  5. Acclimation of lamina mass per unit area, photosynthetic characteristics and dark respiration to growth light regimes in four tropical rainforest species