light skinned中文意思是什麼

light skinned解釋

  • light: n 1 光,光線;光明,亮光 (opp darkness) Hang the picture in a good light 把那幅畫掛在能看清楚的...
  • skinned: adj. 〈常構成復合詞〉1. 有…皮的。2. 沒有草皮的。

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  1. The simplest explanation of aberration is the analogy of light propagation to the fall of raindrops.

  2. Week of abjuration : skill level of all light magic spells increased to maximum during battles

  3. However such light skinned humans were never " blue white " but more of a golden honey color that was still indeed lighter than the darker red - brown or black skinned variety that was designed to hold the void

  4. My nerves bad. i ' m light - skinned

  5. Bccs usually arise in elderly light - skinned people as sporadic tumors, but are also a major feature of the nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome, an unusual genetic disorder characterized primarily by cancer susceptibility and some embryonic abnormalities