line of roll forming中文意思是什麼

line of roll forming解釋

  • line: n 1 線;繩索;釣絲;測深度用繩,捲尺。 a fishing line 釣魚線。 be clever with rod and line 會釣魚...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • roll: vt 1 滾,轉,推滾(桶、車輪等),使(煙、塵土)滾滾上升,滾滾推進(浪、水等);滾動,溜轉(眼睛)...
  • forming: device

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  1. A line of osteoblasts is present a the center - right forming new bone, but lacunae containing multinucleate osteoclasts are at the center left and lower center destroying bone

  2. Aiming at technical features and technology requirements for cold bending forming production line of steel bar for packing case, equipment including in such line has been introduced with emphasis on working principle and devices for burr trimming and opening piercing, on control principle of hydraulic expanding and flying shearing on the line

  3. Responding to the call of industrial policy adjustment in our country, yaoyu special steel company has started replacing hot - rolling with cold - rolling in the production of electric steel since 2003. it entrusted xinye gaoke group to make design and build the production line of cold - rolled electric steel with annual output of 200 thousand tons. after three years of construction, it has achieved the successful trial production of 20 - roll mill and continuous annealing and coating machine imported from germany

  4. The sliding mode controller with the line - of - sight ( los ) guidance is adopted for the rudder control to steer the ship in waves with the functions of track keeping and roll reduction, in which the design parameters are optimized from genetic algorithm

  5. This design concept includes one luxury seafood restaurant boat after china ming dynasty construction style, one line of magnificent waterborne decoration facility and onshore memorial archway, forming one coordinate - with - each - other - from - afar entity of one boat and one onshore. it is a new world for food and recreation by combining business and sight - enjoying together