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  • link: n 1 環鏈環。2 (編織物的)鏈圈。3 (鏈狀物中的)一節(多節香腸等的)一節單節小香腸。4 承前啟后的...
  • expansion: n 1 張開,伸展。2 擴大;擴建;展開;發展。3 廣袤,遼闊。4 擴張物,擴大部分。5 (講題等的)詳述,...
  • band: n 1 帶,繩;帶形物;箍;箍條;嵌條;鑲邊;鋸條; 〈pl 〉 (法官等的)寬領帶。2 束縛,羈絆;義務;...

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  1. The popular latex band and tube, for example, are strong pulling force, its expansion rate up to eight times or more, it is hard to broken, the bright colour never fades with non - toxic to human health. our products have been meeted the en - 71, sgs and strength character test etc. we exported to the global market for more than 10 years with the turnovers about usd 2, 000, 000 each year

    主要產品系列有運動面具寵物玩具等其它各種相關乳膠製品系列。本廠的乳膠製品不易老化耐用色澤鮮艷不易褪色不易裂有著極優的伸展力和恢復力所有的產品都經en - 71和拉力測試環保檢驗合格。
  2. In this paper, we present the analytical results of the total band gaps of sound waves in two - dimensional sonic crystals using the plane wave expansion method

  3. Consequently, the future remote sensing satellite systems are most likely to be limited by the band width of the link

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