linked server中文意思是什麼

linked server解釋

  • linked: 聯動的
  • server: n. 1. 服務者;工作者;侍候者;服役者。2. 【網球】開球人;發球人。3. 上菜用的器具〈如托盤,手推小車等〉;布菜用的火匙、叉子等。4. 助祭〈做彌撒時神父的助手〉。

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  1. The architecture of client / server based on transaction middleware is a typical kind of the distributed on - line transaction processing, becoming a major platform of enterprise information system, which offers communication of striding platform, loading balance, fault - tolerant and resumable ability, and strengthens a new generation middleware in common with 3 - layer architecture provided with the strong security, excellent management and high availability in common. numerous distributed system, different database and different network environment are closely linked up among an enterprise, offering the function of mutual operation on application layer

    基於交易中間件的c s結構是一種典型的分散式事務處理系統,成為構築企業信息系統的主流平臺,它提供了強大的跨平臺通訊、負載平衡、容錯及其故障恢復能力,並在這個基礎上進一步強化了安全性、可管理性和高可用性的新一代通用型三層結構平臺的中間件,把企業中眾多的異構系統、異構數據庫、不同網路環境緊密的聯系起來,並在應用層提供了互操作性的功能。
  2. Using distributed queries in sql server is similar to the linked table functionality through odbc

    在sql server中使用分散式查詢與通過odbc使用鏈接表功能相似。
  3. You can issue full - text queries referencing a remote linked server

  4. Managing linked server definitions

  5. 0, this is the local name of linked server

    > 0時,這表示鏈接服務器的本地名稱。