1. 30 minutes ago he liquidated every single one of them

    2. "liquidated, " the officer said insolently as though speaking to himself.

    3. 2 if more than 5 % of the landed shipment are bales two grades inferior to the contract grade in terms of quality and staple, then in addition to price deduction compensations as in articles 8. 1 and 8. 2, the buyer shall be given extra liquidated damages equivalent to 20 % of the contract value of the total defective bales

      2如果合同規定品級、長度與到岸檢驗品級、長度相差2個級的棉包數量占該批棉包總數量的比例超過5 %的,除按上述8 . 1 、 8 . 2條款規定的差價率補償外,還應按全部降級棉包合同金額的20 %作為違約金賠償給買方。
    4. 3 except as provided under clause 17 of the contract, a delay by the seller in the performance of its delivery obligations shall render the seller liable to the imposition of liquidated damages pursuant to clause 18. 4 of the contract, unless the extension of time is agreed upon pursuant clause 18. 2 of the contract without the application of liquidated damages

      除了合同第17條的情況外,除非拖延是根據合同條款第18 . 2條的規定取得同意而不收取誤期賠償費之外,賣方延誤交貨,將按照合同條款第18 . 4條的規定被收取誤期賠償費。
    5. Where the power customer delayed in paying the electricity charge, it shall pay liquidated damages in accordance with the contract