literary remains中文意思是什麼

literary remains解釋

  • literary: adj. 1. 文學的,文學上的。2. 通文學的;喜歡文學的;以寫作為職業的。3. 書本上的;書面語的。
  • remains: 殘余

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  1. There had not a vestige of the abbey remains

  2. A typical red supergiant could be about 100 times larger than the red giant. its surface temperature is low while the total luminosity remains high, with absolute magnitude up to - 10 comparing to 4. 8 of our sun

    典型的超紅巨星比普通紅巨星大上100倍,雖然表面溫度低,但整體光度仍然非常高,絕對星等可達- 10太陽的絕對星等只有4 . 8 。
  3. Dr chahira kozma, of georgetown university hospital, washington, has used inscriptions and representations on tomb and temple walls, papyrus documents and other objects, as well as human remains, to see how achondroplasia, a cause of the most common type of dwarfism, was regarded in ancient times

  4. Aestheticism and its tendency in literary creation

  5. On the penultimate blank page of a book of inferior literary style, entitled sweets of sin produced by bloom and so manipulated that its front cover came in contact with the surface of the table with a pencil supplied by stephen stephen wrote the irish characters for gee, eh, dee, em, simple and modified, and bloom in turn wrote the hebrew characters ghimel, aleph, daleth and in the absence of mem a substituted goph, explaining their arithmetical values as ordinal and cardinal numbers, videlicet 3, 1, 4 and 100

    在用低俗文學體裁寫的一本題名偷情的快樂的書是布盧姆掏出來的,他擺得很巧妙,使封面和桌面接觸那底封前倒數第二張空白襯頁上,斯蒂芬用一管鉛筆斯蒂芬提供的以簡略體與裝飾體寫下相當于g a d m的愛爾蘭語字母117 。布盧姆則寫下希伯來字母ghimel aleph daleth和qoph這是用來代替所缺的mem的。他還說明,這些字母作為序數及基數的算數值,各自代表三一四及一百118 。