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  1. Tin - based alloy anodes for lithium ion batteries

  2. On the base of review the development of lithium - ion battery and its additive in detail, carbon bisulfide ( cs _ 2 ) was chosen as the film - forming electrolyte additive by theory calculation

  3. Direct - fired lithium bromide absorption water chiller heater

  4. In the work, it was systemically studied that the effects of two suggested modifying ways on electrochemical characteristics of lithium metal electrode and its behaviors in lithium cell. finally, the action mechanisms of these two modifying ways were analyzed. through the study on pretreatment effects of different cyclic ether on lithium electrode, it was found that 1, 4 - dioxane ( doa ) and 1, 3 - dioxolane ( dol ), both could form a favorable passivating sei film on lithium electrode surface through

    研究不同環醚對鋰電極的預處理作用發現, 1 , 4 -二氧六環( doa )和1 , 3 -二氧五環( dol )對金屬鋰電極的表面預處理均可以在金屬鋰表面形成一層良好的sei鈍化膜,對鋰金屬電極起到了保護性作用,使鋰電極具有較小的界面阻抗,有效地提高了金屬鋰電極的充放電循環效率,改善了鋰金屬電極在循環過程中的表面形貌;而doa和dol對金屬鋰電極的表面預處理,不會明顯的影響鋰電極的動力學性能。
  5. Linio2 - based compounds were promising candidates of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. but they still possessed various problems such as the difficulty of preparation, the poor heat stability and the dissatisfactory cycleability performance and so on, which insolubility for its practical applications, so it must be optimized synthesis and changed perfomance