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  • little: n 利特爾〈姓氏〉。adj (less 或 lesser; least; 〈俚、方〉 tler; tlest) ★ less lesser least 通例...
  • fish: n 菲什〈姓氏〉。n (pl fishes 〈集合詞〉 fish)1 魚;〈集合詞〉魚類;魚肉。 ★說魚的若干種類時用 f...
  • bar: BAR = Browning automatic rifle 白朗寧自動步槍。n 巴爾〈南斯拉夫港市〉。n 1 棒,桿,條;棒狀物。2...

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  1. But the little fish may prove as potent a symbol of america ' s odd approach to conservation as the california condor or the grey wolf

  2. " how strange, " the little fish said, " to miss what is everywhere.

    「多奇怪, 」小魚兒說, 「找不到的其實是無處不在的東西。 」
  3. 50kms from the airport ; 18kms from railway station ; 0. 5kms from city centre ; surrounding landscape : may fourth square, music square, ba da guan, little fish mountain, jusco, carrefour, sculpture one - line street, laoshan mountain

  4. Little fish came to tenderly nibble my ankles while we were swimming along in schools of beautiful and colorful fish in the crystal clear water

  5. Hiding on board, little fish with gray and m