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  • live: vi 1 生存;活著〈現常用 be alive 或 be living〉。2 生活,過日子,過活;做人,處世。3 居住。4 生活...
  • animal: n. 1. 動物;獸;牲畜。2. 〈俚語〉家畜,牲口。3. 〈俚語〉畜生(一般的人)〈罵人語〉。adj. 動物的;肉慾的。adv. -ly 肉體上。
  • back: n 1 背,背部;背脊;背面,反面;背後,後部,後面,裏面。2 (指)甲;(刀)背;(手)背;(書)背...

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  1. Researches of schistosomiasis vaccines have gone more than 60 years, approximately including from the stages of dead vaccine and live vaccine ( irradiated attenuated cercariae vaccine ) to gene engineered vaccine, etc. many different forms of vaccines have been tested in animal models, including gluthathione s - transferase, paramyosin, irv - 5, triose phosphate isomerase, sm23, fatty acid binding protein ; which were considered promising by who / tdr. but none of them steadily accomplished the pre - set target level of 40 % protection. in order to enhance the protective capacity further, it is essential to develop novel vaccine antigens and / or vaccine adjuvants

    血吸蟲病疫苗研究已有60多年的歷史,大致經歷了死疫苗、活疫苗(照射致弱尾蚴疫苗)和基因工程疫苗等研究階段,產生了一些who / tdr推薦認為很有希望的疫苗候選分子,如谷胱甘肽- s -轉移酶( gst ) 、副肌球蛋白( sm97 ) 、照射致弱疫苗抗原5 ( irv - 5 ) 、磷酸丙糖異構酶( tpi ) 、曼氏血吸蟲膜內在蛋白( sm23 )和脂肪酸結合蛋白( fabp , sm14 )等,但其對宿主的保護作用均不甚理想,未能穩定地達到40或以上的保護力水平,因此有必要繼續尋找新的疫苗抗原分子和/或疫苗佐劑,進一步提高其保護力。
  2. We did use a live animal to promote the cougar.

  3. Cut back the cover of the neutral and live wire about one inch

  4. All great ape species risk extinction, either in the immediate future or at best within 50 years, because of the growing destruction of forests, poaching, the live - animal trade and the encroachment of humans on their habitat, the conference organizers said

  5. In fact, one of the few effective vaccines against any herpes strain - - the chickenpox / shingles ( herpes zoster ) shot - - was developed from live virus back in the 1960s