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  • liver: n 1 【解剖學】肝臟。2 (食用)肝。3 赤褐色。n 生活者;居住者。 a clean liver潔身自好的人。 a clos...
  • fluid: n 流體,液。 body fluid 體液。 cooling fluid 冷卻液。adj 1 流動的;流體的;液體的。2 容易[可]變動...
  • extract: vt 1 (用力)拔出,抽出。2 分離出,提取,蒸餾出,榨出。3 摘出(要點),引用。4 推斷出。5 【數學】...

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  1. Application and advances of super critical fluid extract technique

  2. This method is to obtain multi - fungi from water and waster water by methylene chloride fluid - fluid extract nitrogen, and then take the concentration purification to the highly effective liquid phase color spectrometer where it can be detected by the diode matrix detector

  3. Shengyuan maintenance blood - sugar capsule is chooses the cactus, the balsam pear, the black bee bee glue, the kudzu root four pelts the sugar ingredient reasonably to blend, purifies the highly effective multi - skill health product by the modern biotechnology extract which but becomes, has the bidirectional adjustment, the control blood sugar, the activation and the nutrition island of langerhans beta cell, the promotion endogenous secretions insulin secretion, enhances the human body sugar metabolism and the fat metabolism ability, strengthens the pancreas function the function, at the same time also has the repair diabetes liver, the kidney damage, the prevention and the improvement diabetes illness complication function

  4. This is to acknowledge your order for 15ibs. of bicarbonate of soda, 45 bottles of cod liver oil, i gross of boxes of yeast extract

    關於15磅小蘇打、 45瓶魚肝油和12打盒裝酵母精的訂單業已收悉。
  5. The reduced level of cell - free rumen fluid had no significant effect on xylanase production, but had significant effect on the cmcase activity. without cell - free rumen fluid, the high concentration level of yeast extract could improve xylanase and cmcase production. in the third section, crude enzymes produced by anaerobic fungus a4 was extracted, and their characteristics of the crude enzyme was also investigated

    與基礎產酶培養基相比,降低培養基中無細胞瘤胃液濃度對厭氧真菌所產木聚糖酶的酶活及比活力無顯著影響( p 0 . 05 ) ,但對其所產的羧甲基纖維素酶的酶活及比活力有顯著影響( p 0 . 05 ) 。