load-dropping test中文意思是什麼

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  • load: n 1 裝載,擔子;負擔;工作(負荷)量。2 (車船等的)裝載量;一馱,一車,一飛機。3 【電、機】(機...
  • dropping: n. 1. 滴下;落下,降下;【軍事】空降,空投,傘降。2. 點滴;〈pl. 〉 滴下物;落下物。3. 〈pl. 〉 (鳥等的)糞;【紡織;印染】落棉,落毛。
  • test: n 1 檢驗,檢查;考查;測驗;考試;考驗。2 檢驗用品;試金石;【化學】試藥;(判斷的)標準。3 【化...

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  1. Abstract : this paper apply asme & quot; feed water pump npsh analysis during load rejection & quot; theory to check bfp npsh of zhuhai power plant 700mw units in the condition of vwo and also confirm the calculating result by load rejection test

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  3. For all test types except web and load, the test results details page displays all the information shown in the test results window, plus additional in - depth test results about an individual test

    對于除web測試和負載測試之外的所有測試類型而言,測試「 [ results ] 」頁將顯示在「測試結果」窗口中顯示的所有信息,而且還會額外顯示有關單個測試的詳細測試結果。
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