音標 [ləud]
n. 名詞 1. 裝載,擔子;負擔;工作(負荷)量。
2. (車船等的)裝載量;一馱,一車,一飛機。
3. 【電、機】(機械等的)負載(量),負荷(量);發電量。
4. 充填,裝藥,裝彈。
5. 〈pl. 〉許多,大量,一大堆。
6. 〈俚語〉使人喝醉的量。
7. 【生物學】(不利)負荷〈指有害基因的存在〉。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 把貨裝到(船、車等)上;裝(貨)。
2. 裝滿,使負擔。
3. 把子彈裝到(槍里);把膠卷裝入(照相機)。
4. 用鉛加重(骰子、手杖等);用低劣物質等攙入。
5. (人壽保險)加收額外保險費。
load cargo into the hold 把貨裝進船艙。
a heart loaded with care 心事重重。
a table loaded with delicacies 擺滿佳肴的桌子。
air loaded with carbon 充滿碳氣的空氣。
load one's stomach with food 吃得太多。
load sb. with praise 極力稱贊某人。
load a camera with film 給照相機裝膠卷。
This wine has been loaded. 這種酒是攙了水的。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. (在槍里)裝彈藥;裝料。
2. (車、船等)裝貨;上船,上車。


    1. Study on the adit stability under dynamic blasting load

    2. In addition, this paper carry out successfully the support design practice in the preceding excavation of 4km long exploratory tunnel. according to the thesis research results, the following conclusion can be drawn. if the grouting rock can possess sound anti - seepage capability and the liner structure can hold higher hydraulic permeability relatively, and if the adjoining rock can be made as primary load - bearing structure by construction measure, the stability of country rock and the safety of liner structure will be guaranteed

    3. The main operating transformer connected by a adscititious tandem on - load - tap - changing one is the important mode. about this question readers can get a correct and detailed answer from this paper

    4. The zinc / air battery supplies energy for the constant load and operates for the basic energy supplement

    5. Based on the previous research on the portal crane administration, one standpoint put forward in this paper is idea that is on the foundation of reliability in this paper, two viewpoints take shape when reason is analyzed, that is fatigue break and appearing the flaw that will extend. what is the fatigue break ? ( this phenomenon is always happen in some place ), the fatigue is that board appears apophysis and concave when the board is pressed. so that the board ability of bearing the weight of load will descend