loading history中文意思是什麼

loading history解釋

  • loading: n. 1. 裝貨。2. 裝載量;重量;載荷;(船隻等的)貨載。 3. 填充物,填料。4. 額外人壽保險。
  • history: n. 1. 歷史,歷史學。2. 沿革,來歷;(個人的)履歷,經歷。3. 對過去事件的記載;大事記。4. 對形成未來的進程有影響的事件[思想]。5. 過去的事。6. 歷史劇。

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  1. To analyse stretch bending of narrow strip by numerical calculation, taking the loading history into account, the deformed zone was divided into many elements to determine their strain by the condition that constant volume remains in deformation

  2. The combination of lateral stress and maximum vertical strain denotes the loading history and the reduction of tensile strength and compressive strength denotes the damage of concrete. this work is the theoretical foundation of study on the damage, of concrete due to loading history

  3. The aim of this dissertation is to shed some light on these subjects. first, systematic experimental study and theoretical analysis have been performed to study the damage of concrete due to loading history. in addition, an artificial neural network approach is developed to study the constitutive relations of materials, and some constitutive models of concrete under various loading history have been established

  4. Considering effects of major factors on root section stresses, 2d and 3d dynamic finite element models are accurately established and then the history of both the stresses - loads at the test - points and the deflection - loads at the loading points are evaluated

  5. With a long history, germany bigelay company is a manufacturer specializing in production of plating chemicals. the headquarter in charge of asian business is located in hongkong, and a loading factory is set in jieyang, guangdong province, china