loading port and destinaltion中文意思是什麼

loading port and destinaltion解釋

  • loading: n. 1. 裝貨。2. 裝載量;重量;載荷;(船隻等的)貨載。 3. 填充物,填料。4. 額外人壽保險。
  • port: n 1 港;港口;〈比喻〉避難港;避難所,休息處。2 (特指有海關的)港市;輸入港;通商口岸。3 機場,...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。

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  1. At the beginning, this paper introduces briefly the commonly accepted meaning & kinds of diversification strategy of enterprise, then generalizes the meaning of port diversification strategy : if loading, unloading and storing income accounts for less than 70 percent of the port management income, the port is the sort applying diversification strategy

    本文首先概述了企業普遍的多元化經營戰略的含義、類型,推理出港口多元化經營的定義為:裝卸和堆存收入低於該港總營運收入的70 ,即為多元化經營港口。
  2. 10for settlement of demurrage / dispatch claim at loading port, both parties would finalize the lay time calculation sheet within 7 working days from the date of completion of loading based on the actual nor and statement of facts duly signed by the master or vessel ' s agent at load port

  3. 3 certificate of quality : 2 originals and 2 copies issued by sgs at loading port

  4. Coa is a contract of carriage of goods by sea in essence, under which the carrier, during the agreed period, against payment of freight undertakes to carry the goods in agreed amount for divided shipments by the shipper from the agreed loading port to the discharging port. during implementation, the specific voyages should be governed by the agreed voyage chaterparty which is agreed upon between shipper and carrier after the conclusion of coa

  5. Inspection at loading port : by sgs / sgs entrused constitution and issue quality inspection certificate ( recognized as document for arbitration ) at loading port, inspection fee shall be borne by the seller