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  • loading: n. 1. 裝貨。2. 裝載量;重量;載荷;(船隻等的)貨載。 3. 填充物,填料。4. 額外人壽保險。
  • port: n 1 港;港口;〈比喻〉避難港;避難所,休息處。2 (特指有海關的)港市;輸入港;通商口岸。3 機場,...
  • survey: vt 1 眺望,俯瞰,環顧。2 審視;通盤考慮[考察],觀察(形勢);概括,綜合評述。3 測量(土地),勘查...

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  1. Article 93 a voyage charter party shall mainly contain, interalia, name of the shipowner, name of the charterer, name and nationality of the ship, its bale or grain capacity, description of the goods to be loaded, port of loading, port of destination, laydays, time for loading and discharge, payment of freight, demurrage, dispatch and other relevant matters

  2. Indicating container number, seal number as well as name, tel no. and address of the shipping agent at final destination, must specify the name of loading port and discharging port

    我覺得除目的港資料強調外其他略顯多餘吧, b / l都會顯示裝卸港和箱封號,這個不必多慮吧?有相關顯示即可吧?
  3. Loading port : designated by sellers at final option before lc issued

  4. Br > you insist that dalian is the loading port, right

  5. Beneficiary ' s certified copy of fax sent to applicant within 48 hours after shipment indicating contract number, l / c number, goods name , quantity , invoice value , vessel ' s name , package / container number, loading port , shipping date and eta