音標 ['ləudiŋ]
n. 名詞 1. 裝貨。
2. 裝載量;重量;載荷;(船隻等的)貨載。
3. 填充物,填料。
4. 額外人壽保險。


    1. The boy assisted in loading some small articles.

    2. By using this method, we could make the extended testin and controling system to satisfy the real - time requriement of application. this article is based on the research of " the helicopter ' s aviating load - data harmonized loading and sampling technology ". we studied the question of real - time in the helicopter ' s aviating load - data sampling system, and finally realized the real - time extension of the system which based on windows2000 to improve the real - time performance of the system

      本文結合中航二集團「十五」預研課題( 41801100101 ) ? 「直升機飛行載荷數字化協調加載及數據採集技術研究」 ,對數據採集系統中的實時性問題和實時擴展技術展開深入研究,最終實現了基於windows2000測控系統的實時擴展,並將其應用於實際的採集系統研製和開發中。
    3. Transverse cracking of cross - ply laminates subjected to biaxial extension loading

    4. Numerical simulation for rc blindage under the explosive loading

    5. , 2200bpi, 200tpi unrecorded single - disk, double - density cartridge front loading, 2200 bpi, 200 tpi, general, physical and magnetic requirements