logarithmic crossplot中文意思是什麼

logarithmic crossplot解釋

  • logarithmic: adj 對數的。 logarithmic function 對數函數。 a logarithmic scale 計算尺。 logarithmic series 對數...
  • crossplot: 交會圖

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  1. We used several organic algaecides to remove the phaeocystis globosa red tide. the results showed that povidone - iodine can release iodine slowly to kill and control the p. globosa red tide. the minimum used levels are 30mg / l if we added the povidone - iodine algaecide at the prophase of logarithmic phase

    本文研究了緩釋除藻劑碘伏對棕囊藻的去除作用,發現碘伏有一定的除藻能力,在棕囊藻指數生長期前期加入碘伏,最低有效除藻濃度為30mg / l 。
  2. Its biquadratic finite element approximation is considered and under the appropriately graded meshes, quasi - optimal order error estimates in the - weighted h ^ 1 - norm, up to a logarithmic factor in the singular perturbation parameter, are proved

    然後,考慮此方程在分層網格剖分上的雙二次有限元逼近,在-加權h ^ 1 -模意義下得到了至多相差一個關于攝動參數對數因子的擬最優階收斂的誤差估計。
  3. Linear logarithmic sweeps and burst operation modes

  4. The standard logarithmic visual acuity charts

  5. Avo intercept and gradient crossplot analysis and its application