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  • logical: adj. 1. 邏輯的,邏輯上的;邏輯學上的。2. 合乎邏輯的。3. 邏輯上必然的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.
  • typewriter: n. 1. 打字機。2. 〈罕用語〉 = typist. 3. 〈美俚〉機關槍。

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  1. The english absolute construction is a kind of absolute construction with logical subject - predicate relation. its concept, composition, grammatical functions and some problems are discussed and analyzed in this article

  2. Thought is atomistic and algorithmic ; it can be broken down into ' building blocks ' which are combined and manipulated by formal logical rules

  3. Berg in working out a logical sequence of events in the king's aggressive programme places its conquest in 1289 or early 1290.

  4. Cebus - eib router logical link control sublayer

    Cebus - eib路由器邏輯鏈路控制子層
  5. All i could hear was the steady clacking of a solitary typewriter.