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  • long: n 朗〈姓氏〉。vi 渴想,極想,渴望 (for 〈古語〉 after to do)。adj (longer longest )1 長,長的...
  • migration: n. 1. 移住,遷移;移動;徙動。2. (鳥)移棲,遷徙;(魚)洄遊;(植物)侵移。3. 移住者群,移棲群。4. 【化、物】原子移動;電離子的移動。

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  1. 4. the types of of oil & gas are systematicly summarized. there are three basic type : first : lateral migration along layers with medium distance formed self - producing oil reservoir of neogene. second : migration along fault with short distance formed shallow oil reservoir. third : lateral migration along interlayer and unconformity with long distance

    4 、系統總結了歧口凹陷油氣二次運移的三種基本方式:一是中距離沿層側向運移形成下第三系原生油藏;二是短距離沿斷裂通道運移,形成淺層油藏;三是長距離沿層間或不整合面的側向運移。
  2. Scientists have studied the migration of fish over long distances in the river

  3. The main direction and position of petroleum secondary migration is up to potential distribution of fluid. by the simulation computation of the developing profile of palaeofluid potential and the six main conducting path plans of lulehe formation ( period of nowadays, n23, n22, n n e3 ), discovered that eboliang, yahu. lenghumahai structure belts are low potential area in long stage which are petroleum migrating direction area

    流體勢分佈決定了油氣二次運移的主要方向和聚集部位,通過模擬計算古流體勢發展剖面圖和主要輸導層路樂河組地層現今、 n _ 2 ~ 3 、 n _ 2 ~ 2 、 n _ 2 ~ 1 、 n _ 1 、 e _ 3等6個時期流體勢平面圖,發現鄂博梁、鴨湖構造帶、冷湖-馬海構造帶為長期低勢區,是油氣運移的指向區。
  4. Ornithologists rely on bird - watchers to keep track of changing patterns of migration, astronomers have long profited from enthusiasts scanning the skies to spot new comets, and archaeologists benefit from amateurs ' finds

  5. Paleo - uplift is the centre of long - time petroleum migration and accumulation, and is the one of primary petroleum - prospecting areas in the central and west district of our country