long-end interest中文意思是什麼

long-end interest解釋

  • long: n 朗〈姓氏〉。vi 渴想,極想,渴望 (for 〈古語〉 after to do)。adj (longer longest )1 長,長的...
  • end: n 1 端,尖,末端,終點。2 邊緣;極點,極限。3 結局,結果。4 目的。5 最後,死。6 【紡織;印染】經...
  • interest: n 1 利害關系,利害;〈常pl 〉 利益。2 趣味;感興趣的事。3 興趣,關注;愛好。4 重要性;勢力;影響...

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  1. He raised his gun, looked down the long end and pointed it at the fox.

  2. Average nominal long - term interest rate must be within 2 percentage points of the average rate in the three countries with the lowest inflation rates

    記名的長期利率平均值在三個通脹率最低國家的長期利率平均值上下2 %的波動范圍內。
  3. Firstly, a new opinion about the concept of reputation is presented. the reputation should not refer to the behavior of a body to give up short - run interest for the sake of long - run interest only. it should also include the behavior of a body to give up physical interest for the s

  4. Fixed deposits, certificates of deposit, fiscal reserves account, placements by other statutory bodies and other borrowings are valued according to a price matrix of discounted cash flows using year end interest rates for discounting

  5. Reasonable development and fully utilizing the limited water resource in basin of min river, concern the present interests of our province and long - term interest