long-toed frog中文意思是什麼

long-toed frog解釋

  • long: n 朗〈姓氏〉。vi 渴想,極想,渴望 (for 〈古語〉 after to do)。adj (longer longest )1 長,長的...
  • toed: adj. 1. 有(若干)趾的。2. 斜釘的,以斜釘固定的。
  • frog: n 1 蛙。2 關節窩;(馬蹄底中部的)蹄楔。3 【鐵路】轍叉,道岔。4 (腰皮帶上的)掛劍圈,掛武器環。5...

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  1. This does not mean the abandonment of vital strategic points, which can be defended in positional warfare as long as profitable.

  2. Leaves thick leathery, obovate - lanceolate, obovate or oblong - lanceolate, 4 - 12 cm long and 2 - 3. 5 cm wide, apex rounded, sometimes emarginated, base cuneate, abaxial surface thinly covered with a grayish to fawn indumentum at first, later glabrescent ; petiole 1 - 1. 5 cm long, glabrescent

    葉厚革質,倒卵狀披針形、倒卵形或長圓狀披針形,長4 - 12厘米,寬2 - 3 . 5厘米,頂端近圓形,有時微缺,基部楔形,下面初時薄被灰白色或淡土黃色叢捲毛,后近無毛;葉柄長1 - 1 . 5厘米,后近無毛。
  3. He read an abridgement of the long novel

  4. The jurisprudence academe has studied long and deeply for the rationale of law

  5. The frog at the bottom of the well is always blind to the extension of the sky. ” ambitious men ams far ”, let ' s get started, with the tall minar lights up our long voyage, and the voice of singing accompanies

    井底之蛙,永遠看不到天空的廣闊, 「好男兒志在四方」 ,讓我們踏歌而行,看高高的燈塔照亮我們遠航的路。