longleaf rabdosia stem中文意思是什麼

longleaf rabdosia stem解釋

  • rabdosia: 香茶菜屬
  • stem: STEM =Scanning transmission electron microscope 掃描透射式電子顯微鏡。n 1 (草木的)莖,干,梗;...

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  1. The acrocarpous group includes the mosses capsule growing from the apex of branch or stem. it is from hdwigiaceae to hylocomiaceae. with bigger body, this group can preserve water and soil in forest ecological system and be favored double by horticulturist

  2. With colourless nail polish, study on the stomatic distribution of outer epidermis in the young stem, aged stem and aged leaf sheath, and adaxial and abxial leaf epidermis of young and aged leaves in s. purpurea, z. pendula and c communis was conducted

  3. Objective to observe the effect of the transplantation of amnion joining with stem cells of limbus of cornea to treat severe eye burn

  4. Yellow powder insect stem article certain fat f aridity, smash insect powder, can prolong conservancy period and raise albumen content and quality

  5. A thoracic 3d model pool was established, composed of main structures including thyroid cartilage, criocoid cartilage, arytenoids cartilage, trachea, esophagus, main branches of great arteries and veins, sternal stem, clavicle, lungs and bronchi, and heart. the components could also classified into 2 categories, i. e. contour labels with two different solving powers, and surface models of main organs and the chest itself. the models could be showed in several ways