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  • loran: n. 勞蘭〈遠航儀〉,長途航海用雷達設備;遠距離無線電導航系統 〈long-range navigation 的縮略, cf. shoran〉。
  • receiver: n 1 接受者。2 收稅人,收稅官。3 招待人。4 窩家,收買賊贓的人。5 應戰者。6 【法律】破產案產業管理...

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  2. Receiver : yes. that includes a continental breakfast. what time will you be arriving

  3. A 45 48 mhz pll frequency synthesizer for cordless phone receiver

  4. Assessment of receiver operating characteristic curve on diagnostic value of nail creatinine in acute and chronic renal failure

  5. The analysis of simultaneous denitrifying and dephosphorization with nitrate as electronic receiver