lose popular support中文意思是什麼

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  • lose: vt (lost ;losing )1 丟失,喪失。 lose one s balance 失去平衡,跌倒。 lose one s head 被斬首;...
  • popular: adj 1 人民的,民眾的,大眾的,民間的。2 通俗的,普通的,平易的。3 有人望的,得人心的,有名氣的;...
  • support: vt 1 支承,支撐;支持;支援,維護。2 援助;擁護,贊助。3 扶養,贍養(家屬);資助,維持。4 鼓舞,...

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  1. Because of its strong spatial query function and its support for various client platforms, we chose arcims as the webgis platform. the system uses the popular asp ( active server page ) method and the most - used webgis software - arcims to generate, release and transfer the disaster information

    3 、對國外多個基於web的地圖應用系統(國外有代表性的webgis網站)的瀏覽功能、使用方法、地圖顯示、功能、交互性、定製功能、特殊功能等幾個方面做了比較。
  2. The pouring anchor and shot concrete as used from the middle of 1950 " s, while the technology of anchorage, which was used as foundation support was popular in europe in i960 " s, and this method was used to strengthen the tunnels " ceilings and support mines from 1970 " s in china

    在我國70年代前已開使在加固隧洞頂、礦山支護等工程中開始使用, 80年代開始應用於深基坑支護工程,但也主要是與鋼板樁、灌注樁、地下連續墻等結合使用,做為支護系統的一種錨固手段取得了良好的效果。
  3. So the exploration of how to improve the interest of association rules became a novel and popular task in the research of association rule mining. several experts employed new measures to improve the contentness and interest of association rules without adopting support - confidence framework in association rule mining. under such backg rounds, this paper makes a study of the algorithmic framework of association rule mining based on conditional independences ; explores how to perform post - processing and how to improve the interest of association rules with constraints of conditional independences after the processing of traditional association rule mining

    對關聯規則挖掘的研究又主要集中在頻繁集的生成優化和事物集的掃描次數兩個方面,並且主要基於支持度- - -可信度框架,由於這種框架的自身缺陷,使挖掘的關聯規則中用戶感興趣的卻不多,因此如何使用戶對挖掘的關聯規則更感興趣又成為一項新研究任務,不少學者不採用支持度- - -可信度框架,嘗試採用新方法來進行關聯規則挖掘,以提高用戶的滿意度和興趣度。
  4. Now mr. tsang has been able to draw thunderous applause by " taking a bit less " from taxpayers pockets, without squandering their hard - earned money on endless politically motivated causes. it goes to show that financial prudence and popular support need not be opposites. with sound financial management, the government can have both

  5. We should conscientiously implement the regulations on the selection and appointment of leading cadres and make a point of testing and identifying cadres in the practice of reform and development so as to promote to leading positions in good time those who are accredited with ability, integrity and outstanding performance and enjoy popular support