lover come back中文意思是什麼

lover come back解釋

  • lover: n. 洛弗〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 情人,愛人,情夫。2. 〈pl. 〉 相愛的男女。3. 嗜好者,愛好者。adj. -less 沒有情人的。adj. -like 情人般的。adj. -ly ,adv.
  • come: vi (came; come)1 來,過來;去,上,赴。 He came (to my house) last night 他昨晚(到我家裡)來...
  • back: n 1 背,背部;背脊;背面,反面;背後,後部,後面,裏面。2 (指)甲;(刀)背;(手)背;(書)背...

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  1. Abigail come back ! - you ' re gonna need us, lan

    -回來! -你會需要我們的,伊恩!
  2. On the road tom he told me all about how it was reckoned i was murdered, and how pap disappeared pretty soon, and didn t come back no more, and what a stir there was when jim run away ; and i told tom all about our royal nonesuch rapscallions, and as much of the raft voyage as i had time to ; and as we struck into the town and up through the - here comes a raging rush of people with torches, and an awful whooping and yelling, and banging tin pans and blowing horns ; and we jumped to one side to let them go by ; and as they went by i see they had the king and the duke astraddle of a rail - that is, i knowed it was the king and the duke, though they was all over tar and feathers, and didn t look like nothing in the world that was human - just looked like a couple of monstrous big soldier - plumes

  3. Mme maloir explained that magnificence frightened her and that now, from time to time, she would come back for her game of bezique

  4. Fig3. some briefcases have concertina sections. remember to clear this out when you come back from trips to avoid your unwashed briefs billow out onto the boardroom table

  5. It happen contretemps or i come back on monday