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  • low: adj 1 低的;淺的,矮的。 low flight 低飛。 a low temperature 低溫。 low tide [water] 低潮。 The g...
  • ionic: adj 愛奧尼亞的,愛奧尼亞人的;愛奧尼亞音步的;【建築】愛奧尼亞式的。 Ionic capital 愛奧尼亞式的柱...
  • strength: n. 1. 力,力量,體力。2. 強度,濃度;長處;(要塞等的)抵抗力。3. 實力;兵力;全體人數,額定人數,編制。4. 筆力;文勢。5. (證券等的)市價堅挺。6. 〈美俚〉(可能有的)利潤。
  • reaction: n 1 反作用,反應;反沖;反動力。2 【政治學】反動,倒退;復古(運動)。3 【化學】反應,【物理學】...

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  1. Three - dimensionally braided structural composites have distinct structure that is fully integrated, continuously spatial fiber - network impregnated with ductile material. the new innovative materials have not plies as conventional composites have, and put an end once and all to low interlaminar strength showing in laminate materials. because of their enhanced stiffness and strength in the thickness direction, near - net - shape design and manufacturing, superior damage tolerance and specified aerospace function, the braided composites are gaining more and more attention of industry and academia

    三維編織結構復合材料是完全整體、連續、多向的紡線(纖維束)的網路,充填以延性材料,這類新材料已失去通常復合材料的層合板概念,由此,層合板復合材料層間脆弱的致命弱點在編織結構復合材料中得到克服,所以編織結構復合材料具有高的強度和剛度(包括在厚度方向) ,接近實際形狀的製造,高的沖擊韌性、高的損傷阻抗,和按實際設計要求的特定的航空航天方面的使用功能,因而廣泛地受到工業界和學術界的關注。
  2. Exposure of certain viruses to low ionic strength results in subtle changes in the protein coat.

  3. Polarographic electrodes can be affected by changes in ph, salinity and ionic strength of the environment

  4. Low - grade students " reaction is more positive than high - grade students. the relation between students " perception of teacher differential behavior score and their reaction is negative

  5. It was found that the cracks can penetrate the interphase and the fiber rapidly when the interphase is thin, which causes the low flexural strength and fracture toughness, as well as the composites " brittle fracture. while the interphase is thick, multiple toughening mechanisms such as the crack deflection and matrix cracking can be activated, which cause the composites " flexural strength and fracture toughness is high and the composites " non - brittle fracture