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  • low: adj 1 低的;淺的,矮的。 low flight 低飛。 a low temperature 低溫。 low tide [water] 低潮。 The g...
  • voltage: n. 【電學】電壓,電壓量,伏特數。 the working voltage (電氣的)耐壓限度。
  • electric: adj. 1. 電的;帶電的;起電的,導電的,發電的,電動的。2. 令人激動的,緊張的,驚人的。3. 〈美口〉(樂曲的)用電吉他演奏的。n. 〈口語〉1. 帶電物體。2. 電動車輛。
  • porcelain: n. 瓷(料);〈總稱〉瓷器。adj. 1. 瓷(器)的。2. 精美的。3. 脆的;易碎的。

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  1. Finally, because high - speed power solenoid valve is one of the most important executive parts in the electronic control diesel engine and the performances of diesel engine are strongly related to the solenoid valve, the response performance of the solenoid valve is investigated. the response performance of the solenoid is influenced by many factors, such as driving voltage, electric driving unit etc. in order to have high excitation voltage and in low maintaining voltage, a high - low voltage electric driving unit is designed, and in order to make the solenoid valve close more rapidly, an active free - wheeling circuit and a bootstrapping circuit are designed in the electric driving unit, too. in the high - low electric driving unit, high voltage and low voltage are supplied by the dc - dc device and by the accumulator respectively

    高速強力電磁閥的響應性能除了與閥本身的結構和材料有關外,與驅動電壓、驅動電路的設計密切相關,本文通過分析,首先開發出一種高低壓驅動電路,高壓電源是山升壓式dc - dc原理獲取的,低壓由蓄電池本身提供,實現高壓強激和低壓維持的功能,電路中採用有源續流電柴汕機中卜軌知介系統的設訓及其七川j敝略的叭究路進行續流,加誣了電磁閥的關閉速度;採用自舉吐路,降低了場效應管對驅動電壓的要求。
  2. A complete solution provided by schneider electric on this project, schneider electric provided the low voltage switchboard, alarm monitoring system, control consoles, emergency engine telegraphy system, general alarm system and fire alarm system and some auxiliaries as a complete package including the design, manufacturing, engineering, factory accept test ( fat ), site commissioning and sea trial

  3. In chapter 3 and chap 4, it analyses sme clusters in zhejiang and the low - voltage electric apparatus sme cluster in zhejiang - liushi, which is a typical representative of clusters in zhejiang. from chap 5 to chap 7, it investigates and analyses the form of competitive advantages, which are determined by many factors, such as collection and networks of smes, competition and cooperation among the cluster members

  4. The forerunner of teco sa was taian electric, which was founded in march 1969 and merged with teco in oct 2003. ever since its establishment, sa never stops making contribution towards the industrial automation technology. sas products include ac dc motor controls, molded - case circuit breakers, high low voltage electric material, engines, generators, switchgears, ac dc frequency inverters, programmable logic controllers and servo controllers

  5. Our factory specializes in manufacturing various kinds of instrument cases and cabinets, consoles, television screen walls and high or low voltage electric cases and cabinets etc