low-calorie sweetener中文意思是什麼

low-calorie sweetener解釋

  • low: adj 1 低的;淺的,矮的。 low flight 低飛。 a low temperature 低溫。 low tide [water] 低潮。 The g...
  • calorie: n. 1. 【物理學】卡(路里)〈熱量單位〉。2. 〈C-〉大卡,千卡。3. 產生一千卡熱量的食物量。
  • sweetener: 甘味劑

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  1. Tagatose, a natural low - calorie bulk sweetener, has many physiological functions including anti - hyperglycemia, pre - biotic effects and non - cariogenicity. the characteristics of tagatose, its physiological functions, manufacture methods and its application were detailed

  2. Experts have discovered that adding low - calorie vegetable broth to the start of a meal can actually help to lose weight

  3. But this non - prescription version of xenical is hardly a magic pill. users must also eat a low calorie, low fat diet and exercise

  4. Sweet - tasting proteins, found in the tropical plants, have some merits : intense sweetening profile, low - calorie, not arousing tooth decay and can be used in diabetic foods

  5. Restaurants with low - calorie course menus