lower right中文意思是什麼

lower right解釋

  • lower: adj 〈low 的比較級〉1 較低的。2 下級的,低級的。 lower animals 下等動物。3 南部的。 in lower Manh...
  • right: adj 1 右,右方的,右側的,右派的 (opp left)。2 正當的,當然的 (opp wrong)。3 不錯的;正確的;...

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  1. Note also the markedly thickened arteriole at the lower right which is typical for the hyaline arteriolosclerosis that is seen in diabetic kidneys as well

  2. Introduction : drag the mouse clothing and accessories to meimei possession, moved to the lower right corner of the mouse button can be seen korean dress good model

  3. The dull red color to the myocardium as seen below the glistening epicardium to the lower right of the thrombus is consistent with underlying myocardial infarction

  4. The pigment granules are scarce and are seen in the upper and lower right corners of the image

  5. For example, if you want to create a range of cells that all contain the same number or word, enter the data into the first cell, move the cursor to the lower right corner of the cell, move the cursor until it changes to a " fill cursor " ( a black cross ), and then click and drag through the range of cells you want to copy to

    例如:如果您希望在某單元格區域中鍵入相同的數據或文字,請在第一個單元格中輸入數據,並將光標移動到單元格的右下角,移動光標直到其更改為「填充光標」 (黑十字) ,然後單擊並拖過要復制數據的目標單元格區域。