lpd launch procedure document中文意思是什麼

lpd launch procedure document解釋

  • lpd: 列印隊列的狀態,顯示被送到基於
  • launch: vt 1 使(船)下水。 launch a ship from a shipyard 使船從船塢下水。2 發射;投出;提出,發出。3 (...
  • procedure: n. 1. 工序,過程,步驟。2. 程序,手續;方法;訴訟程序;(議會的)議事程序。3. 行為,行動,傳統的做法;(外交、軍隊等的)禮儀,禮節。4. 〈罕用語〉進行。
  • document: n 1 文獻,文件;公文。2 證件,證書,憑證。3 記錄影片,記實小說。4 【航海】船舶執照。vt 1 用文件[...

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  1. The general requirement include the open to the party and the society, but the fundamental content means the open of trial procedure and trial decision. the open of trial procedure means the open from placing a case on file to the end of court debate and the open court proceedings is the key factor, but the open trial decision include the open declaration 、 open judge document and open judgment reasons through which realize open proceedings

  2. To auditing and put forward modify advices for the technology document of a project, such as contract, technology blue print, laws and regulations and standard, key techniques procedure, install and testing procedure and so on

  3. Anydetailed description of the equipment settings, procedure to befollowed, special attention and intermediate checks have to bedescribed in detail on the released document to factory

  4. Use the following procedure to create a new toolbar for use in microsoft document explorer

  5. Tightly integrate with konica minolta digital mpfs, users can easily configure the digital mfp as a high - speed document scanner for scanning in documents. following with a simple and straightforward procedure of keying in the indexes for filing electronically, and finally, the docnet delivers the function to allow users to search, retrieve and edit their information efficiently