lunar crust中文意思是什麼

lunar crust解釋

  • lunar: adj. 1. 月的,月球上的;按月球的運轉而測定的。2. 似月的;新月形的,半月形的。3. (光)蒼白的,微弱的。4. 銀的,含銀的。
  • crust: n 1 麵包皮 (opp crumb);乾麵包片;生活口糧,糊口之資。2 外皮,殼;〈美國〉雪殼;【地質學;地理...

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  1. And the first men to step on the moon ? astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin have never spoken about their lunar adventures

  2. To imagine armstrong and aldrin stuck on the moon, they must have recognised that various failures could prevent the lunar module from lifting off

  3. The 4 billion price tag, leading up to an initial four - person lunar landing and spread over 13 years, represents 55 percent of what the apollo program would cost in today ' s dollars, griffin said

    按照通貨膨脹率折算,這項歷時13年之久的重返月球計劃其實只相當于當年「阿波羅」登月計劃費用的55 % ,格里芬說。
  4. Four tectonic evolution phases have been made out in this area. they are original crust formed in the archean - early proterozoic era, continental crust shearing in the middle - new proterozoic era, plate tectonic developed in sinian - triassic period and intracontinental orogeny in the middle cenozoic period

  5. The seas. they are in fact the solidified lava flows, which occurred after the formation of the lunar crust