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  • lung: n. 1. 肺臟,肺。2. (無脊椎動物的)呼吸器官。3. 【醫學】輔助呼吸的裝置。4. 〈pl. 〉 〈英國〉可供呼吸新鮮空氣的地方。
  • metabolic: adj. 1. 變化的,變形的。2. 【生物學】新陳代謝的,代謝作用的。
  • function: n 1 功能,官能,機能,作用。2 〈常 pl 〉職務,職責。3 慶祝儀式;(盛大的)集會,宴會。4 【數學】...

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  1. Shock and sepsis as well as other metabolic disturbances may also compromise the function of the barrier.

  2. A spirometric lung test was performed at the first visit, and lung function was measured on each subsequent visit

  3. The preterm group continued to have decreased forced expiratory flows and normal forced vital capacities in the first and second years of life compared with the full - term group, even though their increases in lung function with growth were similar to those of full - term infants

  4. " to date, there are few similar studies documenting such accelerated atherogenesis in obese children so far, and this innovative project by cuhk clearly indicates that overweight or obesity in children may cause various impairment of endothelial function. " professor woo elaborated. " this may lead to cardiovascular disease or other metabolic diseases when the child grows up

  5. Besides respiratory and metabolic function, lung plays a role in immune system. spleen, the biggest lymphatic organ in body, has important immune functions. inflammatory response is first observed in spleen during es