m of e中文意思是什麼

m of e解釋
M of E=Maintenance of equipment 設備維修(保養)。

  • m: (pl. M's, m's)1. 英語字母表第十三字母。2. M 形狀的東西;【印刷】= em. 3. M (羅馬數字) 1000. MCML = 1950.
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • e: (pl E s e s )1 英文字母表第五字母。2 【音樂】E調,E音。3 E字形。4 〈美國〉(順序)第五等,(成...

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  1. The daily maximum number of m. avenae preyed theoretically by the first, second and third instar larva of e. balteatus are 5. 13, 26. 00 and 119. 26 aphids respectively. 2

    黑帶食蚜蠅1齡、 2齡和3齡幼蟲對麥長管蚜的日最大捕食量分別為5 . 13頭、 26 . 00頭和119 . 26頭。
  2. Hukou factory successfully converted previous certificate into iso 14001 : 2004, awarded by the bureau of standards, m. o. e. a

    湖口廠區榮獲經濟部標準檢驗局iso14001 : 2004驗證轉換認可
  3. Many critics saw flashes of e. h. in the young m. ' s novel

    許多評論家稱在年輕的m .的小說中有海明威的影子。
  4. Considering the real market conditions, a minimax model with transaction costs as well as no short sales is developed for optimal portfolio selection and the dynamic rules with transaction costs rate changing is analyzed secondly ; ? the structure of m - v portfolio e ? cient frontier and its changes are studied if short sales are not allowed, by adjusting the original securities set such that the m - v e ? cient frontier of new securities set get better ;

  5. This experience session is the first time that m - learning being introduced to china, it including keynote speeches and real - time demonstration on m - learning provides the audience not only an opportunity to review and discuss the development of e - learning but also a unique access to one of the most cutting - edge technology breakthroughs originated from intel ' s " mobilized software initiative "