n. 名詞 【軍事】= Mobilization day 動員日。
the M-Day plan 動員計劃。

  • m: (pl. M's, m's)1. 英語字母表第十三字母。2. M 形狀的東西;【印刷】= em. 3. M (羅馬數字) 1000. MCML = 1950.
  • day: n. 戴〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 日,一日。2. 節日;規定的日期,約定的日子。3. 晝,白晝,白天;日光。4. 〈常 pl. 〉時代;全盛時代。5. 壽命,生平。6. (某日的)戰斗;勝負,勝利。


  1. Hr administrator : of course not. i ' m just observing casual day. on fridays, the company doesn ' t require us to wear formal business attire

  2. Day 47 : the dvd player i bought is defective. i wrote a letter to the complaint department. but they didn ' t do anything. i ' m going to go over their heads

  3. I 'm not sure just what day he will leave.

  4. Half day seattle city tour provided free for all arrivals before 12 : 00am tour includes lake washington, ship canal and hiram m. chittenden locks, fish ladder space needle etc. admission included transfer to hotel in the late afternoon

  5. Some day i'm going to have a big gilded tooth outside my window for a sign.