ma non troppo中文意思是什麼

ma non troppo解釋
〈義大利語〉 【音樂】但不可過度。

  • ma: 1. Minnesota. 2. 【化學】元素 masurium 的符號。n. 〈兒口〉媽〈mamma 之略〉。 ma and pa 〈美國〉夫妻店,家庭經營的小店鋪。
  • non: adv 〈拉丁語〉非,不是 (=not)。 non assumpsit 【法律】被告否認契約的答辯。 non compos mentis ...
  • troppo: adv. 〈義大利語〉 【音樂】過度,過甚。 allegro ma non troppo 輕快但不過甚。 andante ma non troppo 溫和而適度地。

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  1. Apart from the living components, there are the non - living abiotic components like soil, water and atmosphere

  2. Non - national legal units of measurements shall be abrogated. measures for the abrogation shall be stipulated by the state council

  3. Baoxiang gao, quanguo zhou, yanhou geng, yanxiang cheng, dongge ma, zhiyuan xie, lixiang wang, fosong wang “ new fluorescent dipolar pyrazine derivatives for non - doped red organic light - emitting diodes ” materials chemistry and physics 99 ( 2006 ) 247 ? 252

    高保祥,王明,程延祥,王利祥,景遐斌,王佛松「高熒光量子效率三亞吡嗪衍生物的合成與性能」 ,應用化學2007 ,第24卷4期365 - 369 。
  4. As at the date of this statement, the directors of the company are : executive directors : ma huateng and zhang zhidong ; non - executive directors : charles st leger searle and antonie andries roux ; and independent non - executive directors : li dong sheng, iain ferguson bruce and ian charles stone

    于本聲明日期,本公司董事為:執行董事:馬化騰和張志東非執行董事: charles st leger searle和antonie andries roux及獨立非執行董事:李東生iain ferguson bruce和ian charles stone 。
  5. A commitment to upgrade 39ec to category a at an estimated cost of 191. 6 million in mod prices for the construction of a non - profit - making private independent school comprising a 30 - classroom secondary section and a 30 - classroom primary section in area 90b, ma on shan

    建議一項承擔額,把39ec號工程計劃提升為甲級按付款當日價格計算,估計費用為1億9 , 160萬元,用以在馬鞍山第90b區興建1所設有中小學部的學校。