音標 [mɑ:]
1. Minnesota. 2. 【化學】元素 masurium 的符號。
n. 名詞 〈兒口〉媽〈mamma 之略〉。
ma and pa 〈美國〉夫妻店,家庭經營的小店鋪。


    1. Ma zaishan ' s experience on treatment of necrosis of femoral head due to alcoholic poisoning : a report of 100 cases

    2. Regarding postoperatie astigmatism, dr. ma said that less induced astigmatism was obsered in the patients who underwent the ultra - small - incision coaxial ( 應 為 bimanual ) phaco compared with that seen in the conentional procedure

    3. In separate research, liwei ma, md, phd, and colleagues at the fourth affiliated hospital of china medical uniersity, shenyang city, studied two groups of patients, one of which underwent bimanual microincision surgery and the other of which underwent conentional phaco

    4. There are many reports on the preparation and the formation mechanism of binary alloy using ma, but there arc few reports on the study of ternary alloy

    5. - blimey ! it ' s my dress is caught. - begging your pardon, ma ' am