n. 名詞 馬斯特里赫特〈荷蘭一城市〉。
Maastricht Treaty 馬(斯特里赫特條)約〈1992年歐盟於此地簽訂的旨在實現歐洲一體化的條約〉。


    1. In order to join the euro a country must be a member of the european union and be able to pa economic tests set out by the maastricht treaty

    2. Indeed, if you look at these figures, china also meets all the maastricht criteria which have been laid down for the introduction of european monetary union

    3. These findings constitute the current european guidelines ( the maastricht consensus 2000 ) for ulcer prevention in patients with coronary heart disease, stroke and arthritis

      是次研究結果獲納入現時的歐洲預防冠心病、中風及關節炎病患者患上潰瘍的護理指引( themaastrichtconsensus2000 ) 。
    4. Yehuda emmanuel safran studied at saint martin s school of art, the royal college of art and universitycollege, london. he taught at the architectural association, goldsmith s college, chelseaschool of art and the royal college of art, london ; as well as fine art and theory at the janvan eyckacademy, maastricht, holland

      Yehuda safran在倫敦藝術大學聖馬丁藝術學院,皇家藝術學院以及倫敦大學大學學院完成他的教育,曾在倫敦建築聯盟,倫敦大學格登史密斯學院,倫敦藝術大學卻爾西學院以及皇家藝術學院任教,並在荷蘭maastricht的janvan eyck academy兼任教授美術與藝術理論。
    5. Whether the new member states are mature enough to join the euro area has been determined by two standard : one is the legal standard based on the convergence criteria of the maastricht treaty, the other one is the theoretical standard rested on the optimum currency area theory