n. 名詞 梅布〈女子名〉。


    1. Roles of agonistic mab against 4 - 1bb plus apoptotic tumor - loaded dendritic cells in malignant tumor ' s immunotherapy

    2. The monoclonal antibodies ( mab ) specific for the nucleoprotein of prrsv were used to select a phage random heptapeptide library

    3. Detection of antigen - binding affinity of soluble mg7 scfv elisa was adopted to examine the antigen - binding affinity of soluble mg7 scfv ; competitive elisa was performed to test the inhibitory ratio of soluble mg7 scfv to the binding affinity of mg7 mab with its relevant antigen

      El舊a拐成惴現2個克隆的可容牲mg7seem明顯的抗原結合舌隊其a分別為0 832和0 912 ,均高出附性對照( 0
    4. By using western - blot, the fusion protein could not be react with antiserum to prrsv, whereas it presented a reactivity with swine antisera against prrsv and mab ge3 by elisa the results implied that the epitope might be one conformational epitope that was mainly composed of aa50 ~ aa55 domain on n protein

      Western - blot分析表明表達產物與prrsv陽性血清沒有反應性,而elisa分析表明表達產物可與prrsv陽性血清和單克隆抗體發生反應。由此說明單克隆抗體ge3所識別的抗原表位可能是存在於n蛋白上以kphf為核心的構象型表位。
    5. Western blot analysis showed that rhpk - 5 ( recombinant human plasminogen kringle 5, rhpk - 5 ) protein was recognized by mab same as native hpk - 5. the result suggested that we obtained correct gene sequence of hpk - 5 and got the purified rhpk - 5. section ii : construction of pbv220 / hpk - 5 vector for obtaining high - level hpk - 5 expression system, the hpk - 5 gene was recombined with plasmid pbv220 to construct the vector of pbv / hpk - 5

      Coli )作為宿主,經sds - page分析,篩選表達量最高的菌株作為發酵用工程菌株;用western - blot方法鑒定hpk - 5因子的免疫學活性;用搖瓶發酵的方法,研究發酵培養基的體積(溶解氧) 、組成成份及誘導起始時間和誘導持續時間對目的蛋白表達量的影響,優化hpk - 5基因工程菌的表達條件。