音標 [mə'kɑ:br(r)]
adj. 形容詞 以死亡為主題的;可怕的,陰慘的。
dance macabre 死的舞蹈 (= dance of death)。


    1. I wasn ' t there, but it must have been macabre

    2. Veteran director of subversive animation, harada hiroshi, draws upon suehiro maruos traditional woodblocks to recreate the macabre tale of one doll - like orphan

    3. This is it : one of the most talked about cult films ever made - a maniacal masterpiece of the macabre, the martial arts, and the just plain weird

    4. Sometimes after finishing a biography one is left feeling unfulfilled, still longing to know what the subject was really like, especially if the person being studied belongs in the category of the bizarre or macabre ; is just plain daft, or creatively eccentric

    5. Helping him with leads to the case is cherrie, a beauty salon employee who is losing her regular customers one by one to the psychopath. filled with both laughs and gore. slim till dead is not only an intriguing murder mystery, but also a macabre parody on people s obsession with losing weight