macadamia nut中文意思是什麼

macadamia nut解釋

  • macadamia: 夏威夷果
  • nut: n 1 堅果〈核桃、榛、栗等的果實〉堅果果仁。2 難事,難題;難對付的人。3 【機械工程】螺帽,螺母;【...

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  1. The green food " hickory nut series " won " silver medal prize " in national forestry new and fmous products fair in 1994 and " technology progress prize " of national industry enterprises in 1995. " donglin food " has been designed as air food by china eastern air group corp. and welcomed by other air companies

    本公司所生產的山核桃系列綠色食品在1994年全國林業名特優新產品博覽會上榮獲銀獎, 1995年獲全國工業企業技術進步獎。東林山核桃系列產品,現已被中國東方航空集團指定為航空食品,並受全國各大航空公司所睛睞。
  2. Although brazil nut is not the major species there, this does show that amazonian agroforest farmers, without government - sponsored extension support, are following the amerindian traditions

  3. Other items include lotus seeds, lily, sesame, areca nut, red beans, green beans, red dates, red string, lai see and jewelries

  4. Macadamia nut oil refined restores dry, dehydrated, and mature skin

  5. Excellent moisturizing effect of macadamia nut oil can supply nutrients and hold water for whole - day toilsome skin, allowing skin to be long - lasting moisturized and delicate